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Why Blu Dog?

The Blue Dog has been my "seal of approval" since I was eight years old and was able to draw a dog. In school, rather than signing my name on artwork for class, I would draw the blue dog - that is, only if I felt that it was good enough to merit the blue dog. In 1994, I purchased an actual blue dog sculpture, the "Beastie" by Milwaukee artist Denis Pearson. It has traveled with me wherever I have lived and is currently featured on the BluDogWorld website as an inspirational art video. Needless to say, I never became an artist. Instead, I became an avid collector of fine art and jewlery, all of which are brought to you with the "BluDog" seal of approval.

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Bludogworld is intended to be a community of inspiration. It is a forum for subscribers to be inspiring to others and to be inspired. It hopes to contribute to the community's lifestyle interests, combined with an offering of affordable fine art and jewelry and the stories behind the pieces that inspired me.

I've studied art and collected it with my Dad for the past thirty-five years.


I was an Art History major, have my GIA (Gemology Institute of America) certificate, but have spent my career of twenty-five years as a lawyer. I have always sought inspiration through  jewelry, exercise and art. I often say that art "talks to me" and if it talks to me, I have to have it.  


A painting tells a story, but the story is even more powerful and inspiring, if you know about its artist. "The Greats and the Friends of the Greats" part of Bludogworld's Collection is a compilation of fine art by artists, who were actually friends with the likes of Picasso, Monet and others, but never achieved "greatness status" in the eyes of the public. Their stories are equally inspiring as those of the "greats" and their art is offered to you to discover and own for a fraction of the price of their "great" contemporaries.


The collection also offers "smaller" works by "great" artists such as Dan Christensen and great art by unknown 17th and 18th century artists, like icon craftsmen. The Jewelry Collection should inspire the wearer to think of the craftsmanship, unusual stones and the general mystique of the piece of jewelry, how it defines the wearer and makes them feel.  A good ring soon becomes part of ones hand or earrings take the place of makeup, illuminating the skin naturally.


The Bludogworld will feature videos about the lifestyles of the members of the Bludogworld community, what do the collectors do of interest to others in the community?  What inspires them?  From philanthropic donations of art (How to donate a painting to a museum) to Cardio Tennis and the individuals who make up the team, Bludogworld sheds light on lifestyles that inspire us and that drive us to inspire.  What inspires you?

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